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  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Batangas, Philippines


  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Batangas, Philippines

Cute, Baby-Faced Teen Fucks Boss to Get Hired

If you guys like sweet, innocent, baby-faced teens then this week’s Bangmaid Cindy is definitely for you! Cindy responded to my “Maids Wanted” advertisement by showing up at my hotel room in a sexy black tank top. She was definitely nervous and it showed, but I tried to lighten the mood and make her comfortable. My only aim, of course, was to get this cute little 18-year-old to drop her top and let me fondle her sweet young titties, so I instructed the little slut to change into the appropriate Bangmaid attire, hehe.

Poor little Cindy really didn’t know what she had gotten herself into. She seemed uncomfortable to be forced to clean my condo in such a skimpy, slutty outfit. And when I started fondling her barely budding boobies and tight teen ass under her uniform, I could tell she was embarrassed and humiliated. But being the degenerate monger that I am, this turned me on even more.

Finally it was time for Cindy to show me her actual skills. Sure, she could dust the counters and make the bed, but could she suck a big western cock? Could she take 9-inches of white meat into her barely legal whore-hole without complaining too much? It was time to find out….

Her blowjob skills were decent and her fresh young pussy was nice and tight, but she lacked the enthusiasm I craved. I think it’s because she was nervous about the camera as she thought I might put the footage on the internet. Don’t worry honey, I’m a nice guy, I’d NEVER do that….hehehe.

Unfortunately, Cindy was WAY too shy and inexperienced to truly satisfy me so I’m not sure if I’ll keep her on rotation in my harem.. However, with her killer smile and cute button nose, I certainly wouldn’t mind shooting a load all over her pretty face on occasion. Sometimes a man just needs a pretty cumrag to unload onto, and I think little Cindy can certainly serve that purpose again in the future.

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