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  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Pampanga, Philippines


  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Pampanga, Philippines

Shy Filipina Teen Gets Creampied To Land the Job

I’d been in Thailand a while for an extended business trip, but I needed to get back to the Philippines to check on some of my properties. When I arrived at one of my condos in Angeles City, it was a pigsty. The last guest who I rented it too left it in pretty bad shape and I was greatly annoyed.

I needed a housecleaner immediately and I didn’t have much time to search for the perfect one. I just needed a dumb, obedient whore who would come over and get my place back in order (hey, I’m a man so I don’t clean – it’s one of the laws of nature). I called up a couple of my regulars but they were all out of town as it was a holiday week where they all went back to their provinces to visit their families (no doubt with my babies bulging inside their bellies, hehehe).

One of my regulars suggested I call up Rachel so I did. She wasn’t the hottest maid ever, but I was almost more concerned about getting my condo back in order so I didn’t really care. And if she could help me get my nut off, then that’s just icing on the cake.

Rachel was cute, but her tits were a little saggy. I think she had a baby before and that takes a toll on a woman’s body and her value. Still, her mouth shouldn’t have been affected so I instructed the brainless bimbo to take my cock deep into her skull cavity nice and slowly. She was obedient and did what she was told like a good maid.

The rest of her body wasn’t that spectacular – once again, baby damage. But she was still young enough to be fertile, so after fucking her in a few different positions, I unloaded my baby batter deep into her used-up breeding box. I don’t think she was particularly happy about it, but I didn’t really care. A woman’s job is to accept a man’s sperm without question. If he thinks you’re worthy enough to breed, you should be ecstatic that he chose you to dump his load into! And that’s exactly what I did.

I gave her 1,000 pesos and she seemed disappointed. “You get me pregnant. Can I get tip?”

“Sure honey,” I said as I slid an extra 500 pesos into her outstretched arms. “Go buy yourself some Simulac….and get the fuck out of my apartment.”

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