• Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Angeles City, Philippines


  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Angeles City, Philippines

Cute Prostitute Gets Picked Up and Pounded Outside 7-11


Angeles City, Philippines, is such a fun town. I’ve professed my love for this city before, but I just have to say it again. There are whores everywhere, not just in the bikini bars, and they genuinely love westerners. Whores in the shopping malls, in the restaurants, in the parks. Hell, even at the 7-11. And the value you get for your money here cannot be beat. And I take it upon myself as my sacred duty to find these hidden gems wherever I can and secretly film them fucking me for your viewing pleasure!

Take this week’s hooker Joylyn for example. I literally found her at the 7-11 near my hotel. She was eating manapua with One of her friends and playing with her phone. I noticed immediately that she had some round, shapely jugs as the outfit she was wearing left nothing to the imagination, and I was attracted like a moth to a flame. I cleared my throat, made eye contact with her, and winked. She giggled in a demure manner and I made my move.

“Hi, how are you? What’s your name?” “My name is Joylyn.”

“Hi Joylyn, you want to go with me?”

She giggled. “Sure!”

And that’s it. That’s all it takes in this town. Just a smile, a wink, and a simple proposition. And within 10 minutes I had this cute little whore back in my hotel room before she’d even digested her manapua.

When back in the room, I instructed Joylyn to take a shower and make sure her pussy was nice and clean (she was a street whore after all) and then told her to put on a super slutty outfit for me. While she was in the bathroom, I set up my hidden cams and hit record. I was in the mood to bareback so I wanted to make sure I got it all on film.

She came out of the bathroom looking like she just walked off stage at the gogo bar, and this turned me on immensely. I skipped the small talk and went straight for her ripe melons, squeezing and fondling them like a hungry animal. One big difference between Filipinas and Thais is that Filipinas almost always have natural tits. No silicone for these whores. 100% pure sweater-meat pretty much every time.

Before I could go any further, she asked me “How much you pay me Sir?”

“Ummmmm….1000 pesos ($20)?” I offered.

Her face lit up in a big grin. “Okay!”

Dammit, I overpaid, hahaha. I probably could’ve sunk my torpedo into her hull for half that price, but I’m a man of my word.

I finished stripping the young hooker down and told her to blow me slow and deep. She did as I commanded and got me rock hard. Normally with street whores I’ll wear a condom. My cock is a valuable asset and I need to keep it healthy so I can keep banging more hookers. But I don’t know if it was the beers from earlier or simply the sight of her bouncy boobs popping out of her chest that did it, but I felt the overwhelming urge to bareback this cute little cunt. As I started to slip it in her whore-hole without a condom, Joylyn didn’t protest at all and let it slide right in. Gotta love Southeast Asia!

Her pussy was surprisingly tight for a street whore, and pumping her teen pussy without protection felt sooooooo good! Maybe even a little TOO good. After about 15 minutes I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I had to dump my load somewhere fast. On her face? On her tits? Nope….it had to go inside her pussy. That’s where sperm belongs after all, hehehe.

She was surprised and a little upset that I creampied her, but in reality I don’t think she really minded. Females in Southeast Asia dream of getting knocked up by a western guy, regardless of whether he sticks around or not. She pretended to be upset for a few minutes, but by the time she showered and I paid her, she was all smiles. “I want see you again Sir! Please not forget me Sir!” Don’t worry honey, I won’t forget you….and neither will my legions of fans because I just captured all of that on hidden camera, hehehe.