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  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand


  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Big-Titted Bimbo Blasted With Semen on Hidden Camera

I was wandering around Nana Plaza one night, popping my head into countless gogo bars looking for a nice fresh whore to bang, when I stepped into a bar with a "schoolgirl" theme. There were about 20-30 girls all in plaid skirts and white blouses (no bras) dancing on stage. Nice. I took a seat, had a drink, and my eyes instantly locked onto Pam. This girl was perfect - pretty face, nice round ass, and a pair of the juiciest, ripest milk-makers I'd seen in months. I bought Pam a drink and proceeded to "get to know" her....and by "get to know" I mean I made her sit in my lap, open up her blouse, and bounce up and down on my knee so I could observe the quality of her massive melons.

Girls in western countries get indignant and upset when men treat them like pieces of meat, but Thai girls don’t mind. Pam smiled and giggled as I openly fondled her juicy jugs in the bar. She was so happy to be getting attention, and I was happy to give it. After about 10 minutes bouncing/squeezing/fondling I knew I had to take this whore home. And that's exactly what I did!

Pam gave excellent service - a long, slow, deep blowjob; doggystyle; cowgirl; mish; etc. She insisted I wear a condom (dammit!) and I obliged. But man, I really wanted to plant my seed into this fertile milk cow. I could just imagine 9 months from now Pam's teets overflowing with nutritious, delicious milk. But oh well, I guess I'll just pop my load all over those fat udders for now...and sweet, naive Pam had no idea I was filming the whole time!

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