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  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Pattaya, Thailand


  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Thai Hooker With Big Fake Tits Gets Nailed By Giant Dick

Once again, guys, I find myself eating my own words. I’m always harping about how much more I like natural tits compared to fake ones, but when I come across tiny little spinners at the gogo bars with big, ballooning silicone boobies, I can’t contain myself. Just the juxtaposition of a set of perfectly cylindrical fake breasts on a micro-thin teenage torso gets me hard as a rock. So unnatural and so fucking sexy.

Which brings me to this week’s spied-upon slut: Aoy. I saw Aoy dancing on the pole at a very popular Walking Street gogo in Pattaya and my eyes shot to her titties like a laser beam. And besides her tits, she had a pretty face and a great round ass. I decided to call the little hooker down for a drink and “get to know her” a little better.

I sat Aoy down on my lap and asked her if I could fondle her sweet juicy melons. “Of course sir! You don’t need to ask,” she replied, and she smiled happily as my large hands slid up underneath her bikini top and I started tenderly squeezing her bolt-on boobies. She giggled as I squeezed them, appreciating the attention. That’s the great thing about Southeast Asia. These girls don’t mind it if you treat them like pieces of meat. In fact, they love it as they know they’re bringing joy to the superior sex. It’s pretty awesome.

The sexy little whore was on a full-on charm offensive and I was under her spell. I had to get this hooker out of the bar immediately and plow my cock into her fuck-holes asap. I was in such a hurry to pay the barfine, I forgot to do a pussy inspection at the bar and make sure she shaved (lesson learned). But bush or no bush, I needed to plow my cock into this female.

When we got back to my hotel room, she pulled a Jekyll and Hyde. It happens. A lot of these whores will act all lovey-dovey at the bar and then turn into total bitches... Read more

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