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  • Age: 22 years old
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand


  • Age: 22 years old
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Ripe Fertile Milk Cow Bred By Bull on Spycam

Jugs. Globes. Boobs. Melons.. Whatever you want to call them, we as men are drawn to them like moths to a flame. They’re irresistible. Although in general I tend to gravitate toward petite spinners, there’s nothing like a nice set of natural juicy breasts on a woman to break up the monotony.

Take this week’s secretly spied on whore for example - Maye. Of all the girls at the gogo I was frequenting this evening, Maye didn’t have the prettiest face. But when she stepped on stage and grabbed the pole and started shaking her fat natural funbags, I fell under her spell. They looked natural, but it was hard to tell while sitting at the back of the bar. So I did what any responsible monger would do in my situation. I called Maye down for a drink so I could personally evaluate her “assets,” hehehe.

With this well-endowed hooker sitting on my lap, I started conducting my “interview” by sliding my hands under her bikini and squeezing her ripe titties like a rancher inspecting his prized cattle. Oh my God, these titties felt so fucking good! Soft yet firm; full-bodied yet perky. Maye just smiled and giggled as I fondled her funbags publicly. She loved the attention and I was happy to boost her self-esteem. I had to get this big-titted bimbo home with me asap and fondle her sweater-meat in private!

I paid the barfine and we went back to my hotel where I could get a better view of her massive mammaries. I made the unsuspecting whore bounce her titties up and down for my amusement, all while capturing it on my hidden camera. When it was time for boom boom, she insisted I wear a condom (dammit! I forgot to set the ground rules during the interview) but it was ok. As long as I could watch her big bazookas bounce up... Read more

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