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  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Pattaya, Thailand


  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Pattaya, Thailand

18 Year Old Thai Virgin Pumped Full Of Cum At Interview

As some of you guys might remember, I met tiny teen Nunu at a Soi Six bar a few months ago and brought her home for some deep throat action. She had just arrived in Pattaya and was considered a “cherry girl,” available to rent out for long, deep blowjobs but not available for boom-boom. In fact, her mamasan assured me she was a virgin and had never had sex before. Although you can’t always trust the Thais (and their mamasans in particular) I was still intrigued and wanted to pop her little teen cherry even more!

Nunu had already grown tired of sucking off random strangers for $5 a pop and desired more from her life. Specifically, she wanted her life to have meaning, and as all southeast Asian girls are taught from birth, the ultimate meaning in life for a girl is to serve at a strong foreign man’s feet. Cleaning and cooking are a big part of that servitude, and little Nunu decided she wanted to be a maid. Well, Nunu, you’ve come to the right place!

I interviewed Nunu extensively, testing out her budding breasts and tight virgin honey-hole with my fingers. Damn, this teen was tight! I knew she could give a great blowjob, but just the thought of sliding my rock hard cock into her untapped slit got me hard as a rock. She was scared to lose her cherry, but she knew that she had to give it up to get hired by a foreigner.

I slid my cock slowly into the tight walls of Nunu’s lovebox, and it barely fit! I really had to struggle to get it all in there, and Nunu was clearly in pain. But once I felt that cherry “pop” and saw the look of pain on her face, it just turned me on even more and I started pumping the little teen faster and faster. When it was time for climax, I simply unloaded into her tiny hole, dumping loads of baby-batter into the wet walls of her formerly virgin vagina.

The only thing better that tapping a fresh virgin pussy is creampie-ing it too! I don’t know if this load ultimately knocked her up, but I’m going to try my best to ensure Nunu’s pussy is for my exclusive use over the next few months. A teen this sexy deserves the best quality sperm she can get, and I’m excited to be the exclusive provider!

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