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  • Age: 23 years old
  • Location: Surin, Thailand


  • Age: 23 years old
  • Location: Surin, Thailand

Skinny MILF Seeks Foreigner For Second Impregnation

Parawisa is a sexy, skinny little MILF who’s been servicing my apartment (and cock) for a few months now. She recently came to me with a problem, however. Her young child she had from a previous Thai guy needed a new brother or sister, and she wanted me to help. No problem, sweetie, I live to serve!

I instructed Parawisa to show up at my apartment on the day she was ovulating (I had to figure it out for her) and she arrived looking sexy as ever. Despite having already given birth, she still retained that slender, slim figure that I love so much in Southeast Asian girls. I quickly stripped the sexy breeder down, and she immediately fell to her knees to start serving my western cock.

Although I enjoyed the great blowjob, what I really coveted was the fertile egg sitting in her ripe belly. I had to get my cock into her tight little pussy quickly, so my boys could do their job! I fucked the skinny MILF in a variety of positions and finally settled on missionary to deliver my life-giving load. I pulled out my cock, corked her whore-hole with a wine cork, and made the sexy slut sit motionless for 15 minutes as my sperm swam deep into her uterus and found their prize. When I uncorked her, the sight of my semen slowly dripping out of her snatch gave me fatherly satisfaction.

Parawisa thanked me profusely for knocking her up. No problem honey. Now be a good mommy and cook me some food while I watch TV!

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