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  • Age: 22 years old
  • Location: Suphanburi, Thailand


  • Age: 22 years old
  • Location: Suphanburi, Thailand

Super Skinny Thai Twat Needs A Job….And Some Cock

This week’s Bangmaid audition features one of my favorite whores from the past year, Nalinee. Such a beautiful, perfect female: super skinny waist, pretty face, and a perfectly round bubblebutt just made for pounding. I saw her dancing at a gogo on Walking Street a few months ago and have kept her in my regular rotation of late night booty calls. But I finally decided that since she was so sexy, we needed to take our relationship up to the next level: she needed to become one of my Bangmaids!

I suggested the new employment opportunity to the slut, and she agreed without hesitation. Turns out she’s been hoping to leave the gogo dancer scene for a while and wanted more stable employment. Well honey, if you keep your slender figure and don’t gain any weight, you can clean my house (and cock) for as long as you want!

When Nalinee changed into her maid outfit, I was instantly turned on. Not many girls these days still have such tight tummies. Too much fast food in my opinion. But Nalinee’s body was perfect. She started cleaning my house in her skimpy outfit and I almost blew my load right there! But I resisted and kept my cool, at least long enough to get a good healthy shag out of her.

Nalinee gave me an excellent blowjob and rode my cock like a champ in numerous positions. I normally would creampie a slut like this, being so sexy and fertile. But for some reason I keep going back to her beautiful smile, loving the look of my white sperm dripping off her beautiful elegant face. So after about half an hour of pounding Nalinee’s fuckbox I unloaded a gallon of jizz all over her nose, cheeks, and eyes, completely covering the pretty whore.

Good job, baby, you passed your audition! You’re gonna be a foreign man’s Bangmaid! Now clean yourself up, then clean the house. I’m not paying you just to be a pretty fuckdoll. You gotta do some housecleaning too!

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