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  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Phitsanulok, Isaan, Thailand


  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Phitsanulok, Isaan, Thailand

Young, Eager Breeder Filled to the Brim with Semen!

I was on an online dating site perusing the lineup for potential broodstock (my morning ritual) and came across a girl who was so cute I just had to send her a message. Her name was Baifern (although she also goes by “Ice”) and, although a little chubby, she seemed to check off all the requisite boxes: cute, pretty, 18-years old, and eager to breed! After a few messages back and forth, we set up a time to meet and start making babies.

When Baifern arrived, I had her change from her street clothes into a sexy, skimpy little outfit to get me more in the mood, then instructed the little breeder to get me hard with a nice, long blowjob. Although she was young, this little slut seemed to really know her way around a cock and I was impressed.

I proceeded to strip the whore down to more adequately assess her female anatomy and was pleased to see she had a perfect pair of young, ripe tits with dark chocolate nipples that just screamed high milk production. Then I did a thorough examination of her hips, ass, and pussy and was happy to see she had nice wide baby-making hips. This girl was going to be able to handle my much larger western baby growing in her stomach, and she should be able to deliver it with no problems at all!

I fucked Baifern in various positions, but finally decided I wanted to pump my load into her breeding hole doggystyle. Something about that big round ass just got my juices flowing (figuratively and literally) and I shot load after load of hot, sticky semen deep into the depths of her uterus. She was so wet and tight and it felt great!

I corked the little filly up like a bottle of wine and we waited 15 minutes to ensure she was properly fertilized. When my timer went off and I told the little slut to push the cork out with her pussy muscles, she gave it a squeeze and shot the cork out like a bullet across the room! It was pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie. As I watched my sperm slowly drip out of her wet, fertile snatch I smiled with satisfaction as I knew I definitely hit the bullseye with this Thai teen! Check out Baifern's other creampie video

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