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  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


  • Age: 18 years old
  • Location: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Thai Teen With Braces Impregnated and Corked Like Wine Bottle

I’ve gotten a lot of fan mail in the past few months from guys who want to see more of Bussaba, my sweet teen dream girl. Well guys, I couldn’t agree more! You guys can’t get enough of her and neither can I. However, although I’ve creampied her numerous times, she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet due to bad timing of her ovulation cycle. So this time, I want to make sure I give you guys what you want to see – a complete, successful insemination of this gorgeous Thai teen hooker.

Bussaba was super skinny, but she had such wide, round hips, perfect for baby-making. Just the thought of my large, western child growing inside her sexy round tummy got me hard before we even started shooting. I asked her to change into a sexy blue bikini and then it was time to breed.

Bussaba has gotten much better at giving head since we first met at a Starbucks many months ago. Don’t get me wrong – she was always pretty decent. But as the months have passed and she’s gotten used to the size, she’s become even more docile and submissive and she bobs up and down on my 9-inch meat even more reverently than before. She’s learned her true value in life is to serve me, the wealthy foreign man, and to do so with utmost devotion. I’m so proud of my little teen flower! She’s stopped thinking for herself and is 100% committed to satisfying me and bearing my children. (If only western women could understand how liberating it is to devote themselves fully to their man and not argue, they’d be so much more satisfied and happy in life….but alas).

I was so eager to breed this pretty hooker that I almost blew my load in her mouth while she was blowing me. What a shame that would’ve been! Fortunately I kept my cool and reminded myself that no matter what, I had to deposit my load deep into her fresh breeding hole, whatever it takes. So I brought Bussaba over to the couch and she rode me like a champ. The way her young teenage pussy squeezed my cock on every thrust made it hard to keep my cool, but somehow I... Read more

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