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  • Age: 21 years old
  • Location: Chai Nati, Thailand


  • Age: 21 years old
  • Location: Chai Nati, Thailand

Sexy But Dull, I Give Her A Creampie She’ll Never Forget

As I knock up more and more girls in Southeast Asia, word has started to travel about the farang with the “magic sperm.” I get texts every day from girls I’ve already impregnated saying they have a friend who wants a baby too and ask me if I can help. I’m a pretty charitable guy, so if they send me photos and the girl has a decent face/body, I’ll definitely take a break from bar hopping to dedicate an afternoon to inseminating one of these desperate ladies.

I received one such text message about a girl named Mungming. Mungming was actually a lesbian and didn’t ever sleep with men, but she and her girlfriend needed a strong alpha male to fertilize one of them and help them start a family. Her girlfriend was more on the butch/dyke side of things with short hair and a stocky frame (yuck!) so I said I’d help them start their family if I could impregnate the hot one. They agreed instantly.

The only problem with breeding lesbians is they don’t really know how to handle a cock. Mungming was really sexy, and as I stripped her down I could feel my cock start to pulse with anticipation. However, when it came to performance, I actually felt like this was the first cock Mungming had ever actually seen haha. She didn’t really know how to suck it, and when it was time for boom-boom, I swear her pussy was so tight it was like Fort Knox. I could barely squeeze it in there!

Still, I’m nothing if not persistent, so despite the bland performance and incredibly tight honey pot, I did my civic duty by fucking Mungming in various positions, finally delivering a monster blast of baby batter into her fresh, barely used birth canal. After corking her pussy and letting her fertilize for 15 minutes, I removed the cork and watched as a torrent of life-giving sperm oozed out.

There was no question that Mungming got pregnant, and one month later Mungming texted me and confirmed she had missed her period. She and her girlfriend were over the moon with excitement and thanked me profusely. No problem girls! And if your girlfriend loses some weight, puts on some makeup, and grows her hair out long, I might even consider knocking her up too!

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