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  • Age: 21 years old
  • Location: Lampang, Thailand


  • Age: 21 years old
  • Location: Lampang, Thailand

90-Pound Thai Hooker Porked and Corked

My regular fans will certainly recognize slim, skinny Bangmaid Dada from previous episodes. She’s been a model “employee” of mine, sweeping, mopping, cooking, and serving my cock on demand. However, Dada recently told me she had to go back to her province to take care of an aging family member and asked if I could get her pregnant before she left. Sure honey, I’d be happy to send you out with a bang, hehe.

We dispensed with formalities, and I immediately stripped Dada down like the whore she was. Wow, what a sexy, slim body this slut had! Well, ….slim for now...but in a few months it’ll look like you have a watermelon stuffed under your tank top.

Dada’s never been the best at giving blowjobs, but her pussy is top-notch. In fact, it’s so tight and fresh that I don’t even care if her dick sucking skills are subpar. As long as that pussy of hers stays tight and wet, I’m a happy man.

As my cock slid into Dada’s unguarded vagina, I immediately got more and more turned on by its tightness. Every thrust was like diving into a perfectly clean, fresh fleshlight, and after a few different positions I simply couldn’t hold myself any longer. I thrust deeper and faster, finally pumping Dada’s fresh, fertile pussy full of life-giving semen. I corked her pussy, as is standard practice for fertilizing these females, and watched with satisfaction as I uncorked her 15 minutes later and saw my sticky splooge ooze out of her fuckbox. Impregnation? Success!

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