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  • Age: 28 years old
  • Location: Phetchaburi, Thailand


  • Age: 28 years old
  • Location: Phetchaburi, Thailand

Sexy Older MILF Wants To Get Pregnant Again

Sexy MILF Nampan was an unexpected pick-up I acquired while waiting at the checkout line at Tops Supermarket in Pattaya. Although she was a little older than what I’m used to, she had a certain sexiness about her that only older, more experienced MILFs seem to have. Her pussy had barely been used since giving birth to her first child, and I got to experience her ultra-tight fuckbox on the regular.

Still, as we got to know each other more, Nampan revealed to me that it was her dream to have a second baby, so her first one would have a brother or sister. And this time, she wanted it to be with a foreign man. Well, honey, you’ve come to the right place!

Nampan came to my apartment dressed all sophisticated, like she was trying to show me she was a professional woman. Yes, honey, I know you are a professional….a professional cocksucker. Now strip off all those clothes and let me take a closer inspection of your breeding holes. Her pussy was fresh and shaved, and everything seemed to be in order. So I instructed the dumb hooker to start blowing me, and she gave me a great blowjob that older women seem to be so good at.

Despite being 28 years old, Nampan’s pussy was exquisite. Fresh, tight, smooth and just dripping with juice. It didn’t take me any time at all to get rock hard for this whore, and I poked, prodded, and plowed the aging MILF’s silky vagina without mercy, finally unloading my valuable sperm into her ripe pussy. After corking her pussy with a wine cork, she thanked me again and again for deeming her worthy to impregnate. You’re welcome honey. Now get the fuck out of my apartment. I’ve got hotter, younger whores to breed!

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