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  • Age: 23 years old
  • Location: Surin, Thailand


  • Age: 23 years old
  • Location: Surin, Thailand

Sexy Skinny MILF Gets Knocked Up On Spycam

One night while aimlessly wandering on Soi Buakaow, I found myself getting bored with my usual haunts. I needed something different, so I decided to take a stroll down a small alleyway to see what kind of fresh fuck meat was available at some of the smaller, hole-in-the-wall bars that I usually pass by. None of the girls hanging outside the bars to lure customers in really caught my eye...until I walked past a bar called “Naughty Bar” and saw a super-skinny hooker with a killer smile that pulled me right in.

Her name was Parawisa and her smile was irresistible. I bought her a drink and we “got to know each other” a little more...or at least I got to know your fresh young body with my probing hands, hehe. I thought she might’ve had stretch marks but it was hard to tell in the dim neon lights, so I asked her if she had a baby. She was surprisingly honest and told all about her life and how she got knocked up by a Thai guy who left her to fend for herself. Fine, fine, I don’t want your life story; I just want to know if you’re fertile so I can give you baby number 2, hehe.

A great thing about these smaller bars is that even though the girls aren’t stunners, they’re super cheap! She said she’d let me fuck her bareback for just 1,000 baht, so I paid the barfine and off we went!

Upon getting back to my condo, I started my hidden cams rolling and poured myself a drink while she showered, completely unaware that I had hidden a spycam in my bathroom. After freshening up and dressing in some slutty stripper outfit I prepared for her, she came into my bedroom looking great and ready to serve my cock like all good whores should.

Her blowjob skills were pretty solid and she let me fuck her any way I wanted to. But... Read more

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