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  • Age: 21 years old
  • Location: Chonburi, Thailand


  • Age: 21 years old
  • Location: Chonburi, Thailand

Tiny Petite Thai Hooker Pounded And Inseminated Secretly

When I was on the hunt for this week’s voyeur victim, I started off in a weird mood. Usually, I don’t care about a whore’s personality at all as long as she’s sexy enough to get my cock hard. But I had fucked a bunch of “starfish” the previous week (boring girls who lay in bed in a starfish position and just look at the ceiling) that I wanted a girl with some personality. And that’s when I met Miki shaking her tiny round ass at a small bar off the Walking Street strip on Soi Diamond.

When I first saw Miki onstage, I didn’t initially think she was stunningly beautiful. But eye contact and playfulness make such a big difference in sexiness, and Miki was a master of both. The way she would demurely smile at me and flash flirty looks my way convinced me that this whore could be my target for the night, and after buying her a couple of lady drinks and chatting, my instincts were confirmed.

When we got back to my apartment, Miki started sucking my cock slowly and reverently, like she was worshipping at an altar (I love it when whores blow me like that). She was super tiny and her pussy was no exception, so when I put her on all fours like a dog and started to slide my cock in, I was worried it wouldn’t fit inside her at all. Fortunately, Miki started to relax her pussy muscles, allowing me to slowly but determinedly gain access to the deep recesses of her sweet small snatch.

She was in pain, but I could also tell she was getting immense pleasure from the heavy foreign pounding, so after a few positions, I decided to pump my seed into her while she was riding me. I love creampie-ing small, tiny whores while they’re on top of me because it makes me feel like a volcano erupting into them. So much fun!

As my cum slowly dripped out of Miki’s whore-hole, we both smiled in satisfaction - me, because I just impregnated another whore this week, and she because she had done her female duty and satisfied the man. Good girl Miki! And if you want to take a break from the gogos, I’m sure I’ll have a vacant maid position opening up soon, hehehe…..

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