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  • Age: 23 years old
  • Location: Chumphon, Thailand


  • Age: 23 years old
  • Location: Chumphon, Thailand

Sexy Thai Whore Caught Fucking On Spycam

Sweet sexy Samai is this week’s secretly spied upon hooker, a gogo dancer at one of the larger clubs on Walking Street in Pattaya. Sometimes when visiting larger gogo bars, the plethora of plentiful pussies can lead to decision-making paralysis, and you just can’t decide who to choose for your girlfriend for the night. One strategy I have is to seek out the shy, demure girls who seem new to the scene. As these girls are less assertive and bold than their colleagues, they tend to have less mileage and much tighter/fresher pussies, which is a real plus if you love to bareback.

I saw Samai from across the bar, and she fit the bill: pretty face, small perky tits, tight stomach, a sexy round ass, and an inherent shyness to her. She barely made eye contact with anyone and seemed like she didn’t know what she was doing. Score!

I bought Samai a drink and could immediately tell she was a newcomer to the gogo bar scene, despite being a little older (23) and already having had a baby. Some guys are turned off if a woman has already bred, but I see it as evidence of biological fecundity, so I welcome MILFs with open arms, hehehe. If they’ve bred once, they can breed again!

After a few minutes, Samai warmed up to me and I started fondling her fresh ripe tits right at the table. She was a little shy, but seemed to accept her fate as a foreigner’s playtoy. After confirming that her body was in tip-top shape, I paid the barfine and sweet Samai and I stumbled back to my apartment, where my hidden cameras were already deployed.

Samai showered and changed into a skimpy green see-through bikini, and I had a blast playing with her tits and ass on the bed. When it was time for a blowjob, her inexperience showed. Nothing to write home about, but she seemed to be genuinely trying. Good girl honey, just keep practicing!

When it was boom-boom time, Samai initially wanted... Read more

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